I’m pretty sure you started out the year, and decade with the best of intentions (just like I did) and most likely, you’ve been run over by the New Year’s resolution bus already (same here). So, how do you come back on track when the unexpected happens? You learn to embrace chaos, my friend!

Whether you yearn for success in your career, relationships or other pursuits, there are some lessons to learn quickly that will get you on the fast-track to whatever your goals might be. We’re all unique little snowflakes and we deal with life in different ways, so think of the next few points as a rough guide, not a set of GPS coordinates. Some of it may challenges you (hint: that’s great for growth) and you might want to mark some of them as “not applicable”. 

Ways to embrace chaos, change and a whole lot of other scary things

Take it all in

The first thing we tend to do when confronted with change and chaos is to become overwhelmed and run away. While it isn’t always wrong to back out of the situation, the idea is to not completely disengage from the scary thing. If you want to become successful you need to learn to confront the scary thing and let it wash over you without being swept away.

Grab a notebook and write down what’s bothering you (and how you can deal with it) or reach out to someone you trust to walk through the situation with you. The important part is to grapple with the issue, become familiar with it and quantify it so it becomes manageable.

Write in pencil

We are often the creators of our own chaos because we feel the need to control everything. When we grab life so tightly, it is only natural to be shook up when things change. Deal with this by writing your plans (literally and figuratively) in pencil. If you leave some room for improvisation you will find that you have more energy to deal with little burst of chaos.

Celebrate it

Laugh at chaos, find ways to make it fun and then you’ll find that you will cope better in most aspects of your life. A shortcut to becoming more adaptable is finding the humour or positivity in a situation. It won’t work every time, but it might just make some situations a little more bearable.

Get grounded

Anchor yourself to the important things in life like family, friends and faith (or whatever you hold dear). These aspects can help you find perspective and understand clearly what is important. If something threatens to throw you, you can always find solace in those anchor points and build a plan of action to deal with the chaos. Also keep in mind that anchor points may change and it is completely acceptable and normal to move on as you grow.

How to you deal with chaos and keep your mind set on success?