If you’re in charge of creating content for your business’ social media (hello fellow freelancers and business owners), you know it can become tedious very quickly. Here are some tips to hack your content creation and breathe some fresh air into your social media content.

Tips on creating content for social media:

Plan it all out

If you have the mammoth task of creating content for a week, a month or a year, the best approach is to break down what you need to create into manageable blocks. Even if you are starting in the middle of the year, you can still get ahead by setting down a structure. Not in the mood to create your own planner? I’ve got you covered- click this link to use our planner template (it’s simple, free and super flexible). I recently added a planning section for your social media content (you’re welcome).

Batch create

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a hundred times; batch working is the most productive way to stay ahead with your content. Set aside some time to fully engage in the content creation process each week (or day or month), and content management will become a whole lot easier.

The key to batch working is to create a central piece of content (usually a blog post) and to extract snippets from this piece to create smaller chunks of content for social media. It makes the process faster and helps to improve your  continuity going so your content flows well.

Create a swipe file

Often called a vision board or inspiration file (or whatever creative name you can think of), a swipe file is a collection of random ideas, messages, visuals and other pieces of content. A swipe file should inspire you, give you ideas to play with and help you get unstuck when you’re not feeling creative. The critical thing to remember is that these collections should inspire you, not enable you to act like a copy machine. Don’t steal content from other creators in the process- you’ll end up adding to the ever-growing ocean of digital noise, and you’ll deprive your audience of your amazing creativity and talent.

I use Pinterest, my iPhone (to snap pictures of things I come across in my daily life) and a good old notebook to capture things that make me smile, that make me think and that speak to me as a creator.

Call in the reinforcements

Did you know you don’t have to create all your content yourself? It sounds ridiculously simple, but we often forget that we can reach out to our network and get other creators to collaborate on our plans. You can invite someone to guest blog for you, share images they’ve created or host them on your social media channels with a live video or recorded interview. Collaborating makes sense for building your network and for lightening the load!

Take a break

Stay with me here! I know that it sounds contrary to what you’re trying to achieve, but taking a break from content can help you to regroup and come back with fantastic content, instead of churning out crap that is not useful to anyone. If you look at my website, you will find many breaks in between my blog posts. Yes, some of them are a little bigger than I would have liked, but life happens, and instead of putting out something worthless just for the sake of getting something out there, I’ve embraced the times where my creative tank is empty, and the quality of work I do publish is much higher because of it.

If you have any tips on creating content for social media, please share them in the comments, and I’ll gather them all up into a more extensive post (you’ll get your time to shine because I always credit co-creators).

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Chantelle is the founder of Jackal Media, a copywriting and content agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She works with local and global businesses to create meaningful content for a variety of platforms. If she could do anything for a living, she’d host guest on fancy trips by day and write romance novels by night