Jackal Media will provide your business with creative, inspired content aimed directly at your target audience.

Our way with words translates into content that is relevant, exciting and engaging.


Your word is your honour in all senses of the expression. We’ll help you to polish your content so it reflects the brilliance of your business.


Social media management, brand consultation, press releases and a whole lot more. If it reaches your customer base, we’ll help you to shape it according to your brand.

Finding your voice

If you’re confused by writer’s jargon, no worries! We’ve created some examples to illustrate how we can adapt content to suit different voices. We’ll show you how the same piece of copy can be adapted to suit your business’ voice. When communicating to your audience, it is important to understand what kind of voice to use so they don’t end up feeling confused and alienated by your content.

In this guide, we’ve created an advertisement to position a house to a variety of different customers. Our “master copy” will explain the fictional house using only facts, and the different voices will position the house to different markets. We’re targeting a family with children, students looking for a “commune” to share with friends and travellers using renting services like AirBnb.

Master copy:

This property is a 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a garden and pool. Double garage and additional flat with separate entrance, bathroom and small kitchen. Located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The 3 options below will highlight different aspects of the property to suit different markets. Imagine that these options will appear on different property websites.