Let’s talk about engagement on social media and in digital marketing. The small business environment in South Africa is not a place that is kind to all entrepreneurs, so seeing Kopano Moshoana (a fellow female business owner) rising from strength to strength has given me hope for my own journey, time and again. I believe the key to her success is two-fold; she gives her audience incredible value with every interaction and uses sincere engagement to set herself apart from the crowd. I invited Kopano to tell us about her perspective on engagement on social media and as a part of digital marketing:

“While most brands now accept that they need to have a social media presence, many still struggle to know how to maximize social platforms for awareness and promotion.” – SocialMediaToday

Social media was once used recreationally, collecting digital memories to remember forever. Now, social media has transformed into a business tool to expand your online brand. Social media has taught us that the nature of technology and business is unpredictable and ever-changing.

The scope of marketing has been disrupted by technology in a significant way, shifting from a traditional marketing space to a digital one. A vital issue in the marketing landscape is that very few businesses know how to manoeuvre the changes and challenges posed by the digital marketing revolution.

Traditional marketing was straightforward and rather easy to implement. In the past, you would advertise your business by putting together offers, then placing them as ads in magazines and newspapers, or by printing flyers. Now, marketing involves a plethora of digital mediums that one can use to promote their business and grow their audience online, which has created confusion because of the number of options and intentional effort one needs to put in to grow online.

The key term to focus on in the digital marketing landscape is ‘social’. Brands need to focus on becoming part of a broader conversation, as opposed to interruptive messaging and quick-hit promos; Digital marketing can be exceedingly difficult to implement because it takes time and effort.

Part of the confusion lies in the way in which social media differs from traditional outreach platforms. Brands now face the reality of social media being a part of their overall marketing strategy. Thus, having the guidance of how to ‘social media right’ is paramount at this time.

Here are 5 ways to increase your social media engagement:

• Produce high-quality content:
Producing high-quality content may sound daunting, but it is easier than you think. The best approach to take when creating valuable content is by analysing which type of content your target audience would like. Make sure that this content is original and aligns with your core brand message. Once you tweak your content to align with the interests of your audience, your content then becomes valuable, sharable, and practical.

• Tailor your content to the social media platform:
Each social media platform is different and carries different demographics; therefore, it is vital to adapt to the content consumed on each platform. For example, the demographic on Instagram is mostly millennial women, which can affect how you approach your content. On LinkedIn, most of the demographic is C-suite working professionals, which means you need to tweak your content strategy accordingly.

• Get visual:
Using video and image-based content is very necessary for your social media growth. Showing images of your brand and the face or team behind it can bring a lot of traction to your page. Many people love to see the process and final products online; they feel like they are part of the journey, which will bring about an emotional connection to your brand. Plus, that type of content performs highly and boosts your engagement rate.

• Define your brand and style:
It is essential to establish your voice online; this will entail your messaging, tone, and consistency throughout all social platforms. A brand voice will make you stand out in the digital crowd. Branding is absolutely necessary before you even consider going online because the brand is what makes you different. Always think about what makes your company or business different.

• Reward your online community:
The best way to reward your online audience is through actively releasing good content, hosting giveaways, and creating premium content to increase effortless engagement, for example, creating a free incentive (PDF or eBook) to increase engagement. People love free value, and it is a great way to build trust and like. Another great benefit of incentives is collecting important data such as emails to build your email list that you can utilise for future email marketing campaigns. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

In conclusion, social media marketing plays a huge role in online success, and businesses should not take it lightly if they are trying to build a strong online community. When used correctly, social media is a helper to grow the CONNECTION of your audience online, and there is nothing better than having an engaged and happy online audience. Invest in it regularly and intentionally.

| About the author |

Kopano Moshoana is a Founder of 2 Digital Businesses, KPRM Marketing Solutions (a digital marketing agency that provides digital solutions to establish, build and maintain an online community through social media, content creation, influencer marketing and digital marketing) and Sorted VA (a virtual assistance agency that provides solutions to save small business owners time and money through ad-hoc duties, email management, events support and management). She is extremely passionate about impacting at scale through entrepreneurship. She studied a BCom in Marketing Management and has a Diploma in Digital Marketing.

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