Let’s face it, the need to constantly create new content can drain even the most creative of minds. We’ve created a list of 30 ideas to help you keep your content fresh, and because these ideas are relatively straight forward, you can adapt and remake them many times over without churning out boring content.

Keep this list handy in case you become stuck when you’re creating content for your own social media profiles. Here are our favourite ideas/ themes/ topics to get your creative juices flowing (anyone else not a fan of that expression?)

  1. Answer FAQs
  2. Host a giveaway
  3. Shout out to clients/ partner brands
  4. Shoot and share an intro video about your business
  5. Ask followers to suggest (tag) brands they’d like to see you collaborate with
  6. Introduce your staff members
  7. Feature your workspace
  8. Address common mistakes or pain-points in your industry
  9. Thank your fans
  10. Interview a guest
  11. Share collaboration with your business besties
  12. Create and share a teaser for an upcoming project
  13. Make a list of your top 5 favourite things (silly or serious, related to your industry or just for entertainment)
  14. Post a motivational quote
  15. Share a tip, tutorial or “how to”
  16. Tell your audience about your history
  17. Ask your followers where they are from
  18. Celebrate a season, special event or holiday
  19. Share content from accounts you love (remember credit/ permission)
  20. Create a “day in the life of” video
  21. Show your audience how to use your products
  22. Share funny moments from your business journey
  23. Share your goals for the next year, and ask followers about their goals
  24. Create a freebie for your followers
  25. Share content out of your newsletter
  26. Mention the birthday of a prominent person in your industry
  27. Create an infographic
  28. Share a fact
  29. Review the tools you use in your business
  30. Snap a selfie

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