Freelancers and Small Businesses

Business ownership is hard at the best of times, and success can often mean as many sleepless nights to a business owner as failure can. While success and growth in your business may be one of the better problems to have, you still need to act when your business expands rapidly, or when you are confronted with a task you don’t have the skills or time to complete. Fortunately, the freelance economy is growing which means that it is becoming easier to access the exact skill you need for almost any task.

What is a freelancer?

Freelancers are truly magical creatures, minus the fairy wings! They are usually skilled in a specific line of work and they often don’t have permanent employment with one specific company, although many freelancers practice their trade after they get home from their day job.

Freelancers are highly-skilled individuals who make up their own pay check, so they tend to be hard working individuals who can add a whole lot of value to your business without breaking the bank.

What are the advantages of using a freelancer?

As we alluded to earlier, there are many benefits to getting a freelancer to handle some of the work that needs to get done, and the most attractive is the financial benefits. Seeing as freelancers are not employed by your business, you don’t have to pay for their work space or benefits which really brings the cost down.
Hiring a freelancer is also less risky than hiring a permanent employee because freelancers are easier to get rid of legally because they do piece work, and if one freelancer doesn’t quite fit with your business, you simply choose another one for the next project.

Freelancers offer a diverse pool of talents from writing to web-design and you’ll often find that they have complementary skills in a specific area, so no need to hire more people when one person can take care of different tasks.

Most freelancers are fantastic at what they do because quality of work builds their reputation, and a good reputation equals return business. Best of all, they won’t be sitting around at your office, drinking all the good coffee if they don’t have work to do because you won’t be paying them for idle hours.

I’m scared, help!

While we can tell you all about how great it can be to hire a freelancer to grow your business, it is still a scary process. Where do I start, what do I look out for, what do I need? These are all relevant questions when it comes to hiring a freelancer, and Jackal Media is here to help you with those questions.

We are a creative agency, which means that we outsource client work to freelancers, and manage the relationship between the client and freelancer. This is beneficial for all parties because you (as the client) get access to specialists at fantastic rates, while the agency, and freelancer gets continuous business. Jackal Media takes care of the quality control aspect of the relationship and you can rest assured, knowing that any work that is done through Jackal Media will be of the highest standard. We can help you to choose the service you need, connect you with a freelancer, sign off on the quality of work and facilitate admin throughout the process.

Stay tuned for the next few articles that will delve a little deeper into the freelancer relationship. This series aims to help you as a small-business owner reach your potential through strategic marketing and outsourcing as necessary. Please share this with your fellow small-business owners and follow us on social media at the links below.


A huge shout out to our guest blogger, Laura Smith Dyer who is joining us on the series about freelancers.

Laura is a strategic communications ninja by day and a budding artist by night. Born and raised in the beautiful hills of Kentucky, she has her Master’s in English Education from the University of North Dakota. Her adventure has taken her from teaching in urban Dallas to marketing in Johannesburg to non-profit consulting in the Kalahari. If you like candid, inspirational writing with a practical twist, then come conquer with Laura at