Jackal Media is proudly female owned and we aim to empower South African female business owners through providing resources and making lasting connections. This is the story about how a very important client helped us to realise our greater goal!

DateFactory is a household name in the South African social media landscape. They’ve become the leading provider of “date boxes” where clients receive a fully planned, beautifully packaged date that they can enjoy with their partner. The business was inspired by the founder, Karien’s passion for creating fun, meaningful ways to spend quality time with her husband. She soon realised that most couples didn’t have the time or creative drive to come up with new ideas for date nights with their partners and VOILA! DateFactory was born.

Jackal Media first got involved with DateFactory on a friendly basis (by this we mean the owners of Jackal Media and DateFactory are actual, real-life friends) but when DateFactory needed some clever wording to help describe their boxes to customers, Jackal Media moved out of the friend-zone and into the writing space. Now that’s all well and good, but why would DateFactory need product descriptions? Because the mysterious content of each box needed to be enticingly explained to the customer without giving away all the surprises they could look forward to when purchasing a date box!

Product descriptions are a vital (though often overlooked) part of the marketing strategy of any business, not just DateFactory. We paint a picture with words, your clients fall at your feet, ready to throw money at you, everyone goes home happy! Don’t believe us? Go read our words at https://datefactory.co.za/boxes/

These writing assignments paved the way for Jackal Media to offer digital marketing services (including writing) to many South African businesses. Seeing first hand how South African entrepreneurs (especially female entrepreneurs) struggled without resources and support, Jackal Media found their passion in educating and empowering other female business owners in South Africa.

While we’re among friends and fellow female business owners, here’s a bit of advice: passion is the match that will light the brightest fires in your life!

Want to know more about DateFactory? Head on over to their website at https://datefactory.co.za/

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