Innovation is a buzzword that gets a lot of airtime in the corporate space, but precious few businesses actually have what it takes to innovate in their field. I’ve had to opportunity to work with a company that promises to innovate and drives that change for the good of all South Africans!

Meet MobiLife, an insurance company with a mission to serve their customers in ways that are shaking the industry. From corporate roots, to disrupting an industry- the MobiLife founders have seen countless trends and products come and go in financial services, but the one thing that no one could get quite right? Putting the customer first (no, like really, not just in the marketing messages).

Their mission is clear: change this industry drastically so people are treated fairly and cared for by their hard-earned money. My mission: help them share their message with South Africa, without being spammy and boring!

Since taking on MobiLife as a client, I have helped them with a collection of marketing tasks including:

  • Scripts and design for video advertisements (illustrations and video production by G2Creative Animation)
  • Creating marketing collateral such as brochures and FAQ documents (graphic design work wonderfully executed by Studio112)
  • Compiling user guides (for use by external parties who sell white labelled products)
  • Rewrite of Corporate content including: corporate information brochure (aimed at stakeholders and investors), disclaimers and presentation material
  • Creation of SMS campaign content

The gallery features a few of these examples. (credit to all my co-creators, they are fantastic! Please get in contact if you need any of their services so I can link you to them)


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