Sometimes the world conspires… and things just click!

That’s exactly how it came about when I pitched an idea to the beloved South African magazine, LiG. I was having a day… one of THOSE days and on my way to a work function, I had a little bit of time to kill so I decided to treat myself to a McDonald’s burger.

Eating by yourself can be weird, right? To combat the social awkwardness of the situation, I browsed Instagram and one of the suggested accounts was LiG tydskrif. I realised that they didn’t have a social media presence on Instagram befitting their esteem, so I reached out and took a HUGE chance in pitching to them.

I really wanted to do work as a social media manager, and this was my chance to put into action all the theory and ideas I’ve been covering in my learning process. Their fantastic editor must’ve liked my pitch because we’ve been working together ever since.

I manage their Instagram content calendar, bringing together the content they already have to their disposal and making it relevant for the platform.

The most important part of my project with LiG is the hashtag research that I perform for each post. Consistency is key to growth on social media and within 3 months of signing them as a client, I tripled their following and grew their engagement, without ONE SINGLE CENT spent on boosting posts.

If your social media is in need of some love, get in contact to see what we can offer!