The Jackal’s Den

Client Feature: DateFactory

Jackal Media is proudly female owned and we aim to empower South African female business owners through providing resources and making lasting connections. This is the story about how a very important client helped us to realise our greater goal! DateFactory is a...

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Client Feature: LiG Tydskrif

Sometimes the world conspires… and things just click! That’s exactly how it came about when I pitched an idea to the beloved South African magazine, LiG. I was having a day… one of THOSE days and on my way to a work function, I had a little bit of time to kill so I...

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Client Feature: MobiLife

Innovation is a buzzword that gets a lot of airtime in the corporate space, but precious few businesses actually have what it takes to innovate in their field. I’ve had to opportunity to work with a company that promises to innovate and drives that change for the good...

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