Behind the Scenes

I know you’re here for the good stuff, so let me not bore you with the regular blah-blah you find on these “About” pages. I’m Chantelle and I solemnly promise not to make you fall asleep with my biography.

The short and sweet of my freelance career is this- I started doing editing work for my varsity friends and I read through thousands of pages of academic writing in fields as diverse as electronic engineering, psychology, hospitality, business studies and leadership development.

I graduated from varsity and boring academic texts and ventured into content creation to help start-ups market their products and services. I also created a blog, reviewed products, did some photography and design work, basically anything to fuel my passion for content and creativity.

I kept my day job in publishing for years while establishing myself as a freelancer with diverse skills and experiences. Those years of development brought Jackal Media to life and I couldn’t be more excited to journey with your business.

“Taking content from concept to customer without losing the golden thread of your brand is our mark of accomplishment”