An editing eye… you need one (preferably two)

Editors are fantastic at eliminating embarrassing errors in your content and although correcting language mistakes is the editor’s most obvious job, there is another critical role that an editor fulfills in the world of copy, and it says it right there in the name… EDITor

We’re used to being barraged by information during our waking hours and thanks to digital media, we’ve changed the way we read. The average person in your audience will read fewer than 62 words on a webpage. Read that again, fewer than 62 WORDS! Websites are really distracting environments to read in because there are numerous “call to action” parts that compete for the reader’s attention and the average page view is shorter than Usain Bolt’s 19 second 200m world record time.

An editor’s superpower is to edit content ruthlessly and without hesitation to grind it down to the bare bones content you need to grab your audience’s attention. Creative gurus and mentors like Tim Gunn advises creatives to look at their own work with an editor’s eye, meaning: be unafraid to be critical of your work, and if you can’t do that, your editor should be doing it for you.

As an editor, I get familiar with the brand’s voice, and then I go to work in editing down what is provided. If I find something that “sounds” like another voice, I redirect it to mimic the right voice, or I take it out. If it doesn’t harmonise, it will clash and there are few things that will make your audience lose interest faster than a verbal cacophony.

Apart from creating content, Jackal Media also takes care of your business’ editorial needs. We can help you to repurpose existing content for different audiences to enforce your brand’s voice. Get in touch to learn more or keep an eye out for the next article from the Jackal’s Den.